New and notable

I’ve come across some pretty interesting sites this week, most brought to my attention by friends and colleagues. Here’s three…

Multitouch Screens -An interesting technology apparently patented by Apple. As one of the comments mentions, the interaction does resemble a scene from the movie “Minority Report” where Tom Cruise is sifting through photographs.

Campfire – This comes from 37 Signals makers of Basecamp (which we use and really like.) Campfire is a group chat tool.

Ning – A “new free and easy way for you to create your own Social Web Apps.” What could be more Web 2.0 than that?

By the way, we’re always looking for interesting sites, ones that have compelling design or content, or some innovative use of technology. Also, we are currently conducting a survey of museum blogs and community sites. If you have any examples, please us know.

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