Sprout by HP

Sprout by HP is an innovative PC hardware platform that allows users to have more immersive computing experiences. Ideum has developed a series of titles for the Sprout by HP platform:

Stop Motion

Ideum collaborated with HP to develop Stop Motion, a signature application for the Sprout platform. Ideum took a proof-of-concept application, designed a new user interface, and programmed the application to allow users to intuitively and efficiently create stop motion animations. Ideum developed the application in six languages including Chinese.

Bills + Coins

Bills + Coins offers information about select currency from around the world. The Sprout's camera can identify real bills and coins, or the user can choose virtual currency, to explore conversion data, geographical information, the history of the currency, and the materials from which the money is made. Available in five languages.

Origami Apprentice

Origami Apprentice guides learners through the process of folding origami models. Projected instructions on the Sprout’s mat take the user step by step through the folds while the upper screen provides animated and verbal instructions. Users can create an angelfish, sailboat, traditional crane, balloon, or an Iris. Available in five languages.

Fish and Ships

With the innovative Sprout, users can scan objects that represent fish or ships, customize them by adding patterns and features, and decide how they want them to move. After the fish and ships have been released into the virtual ocean, users can interact with them and even set Fish & Ships as their screensaver.