Ideum with 3M Touch Systems at InfoComm International

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Ideum will be at InfoComm International with the world's first 4K Ultra High Definition multitouch coffee table and stunning fiducial software.

At this year’s InfoComm International, June 8-10, we’ll be featuring the Duet 55″, our 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) Coffee Table, in the 3M™ Touch Systems Booth (no. N1947).  This 4th generation coffee table redesign utilizes 3M™ projected-capacitive (P-Cap) technology on its expansive 55″ display that is large enough to support up to four users.

We’ll also be demonstrating cutting edge fiducial marker software on the Duet 55″ with our JCB Tasting Salon experience. This wine tasting application uses 3D-printed wine glass bases with capacitive capability that interact with our software to identify individual wines.


Ideum staff will be on-hand in the 3M™ booth on Wednesday, June 8th. Come and meet us and see our amazing new hardware and innovative software. Get a preview of the Duet 55″ Coffee Table below:

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