• Visitor Studies Association

    Enhancing professional development in informal education

Providing a strong Web presence for the Visitor Studies Association

Enhancing Learning Experiences

The Visitor Studies Association (VSA) brings professionals together with the goal of studying and enhancing visitor experience in informal learning environments. VSA strives to include professionals from a variety of disciplines and fields who share the goal of improving visitor experience. The Visitor Studies Association site facilitates dialogue and study with a wide variety of resources for members and interested visitors.

An intuitive site design and easy-to-use navigation make it easy to find information on VSA’s conferences, workshops, and projects, as well as articles and resources for exhibit research and design. Visitors can also learn about membership and register to become a member online. Site integration with Paypal allows the organization to easily process online payment for workshops and memberships. The site uses CMS Made Simple, an open source content management software, to structure site content and streamline updates. CMS Made Simple provides an easy-to-use administrative backend to the site that allows organization staff to easily change and add content.

For several years Ideum provided VSA with hosting and support … free of charge.

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