• Take Note! George Washington

    Historical records from founding of the nation

Visitors interact with our Founding Father’s personal documents

The Documents of Independence

Important historical books on display in museum settings are typically found behind glass with only the cover or a couple of pages exposed for viewing. In the Take Note! George Washington the Reader exhibit visitors have the opportunity to digitally flip through the original pages of our Founding Father’s personal collection.

The items on display at George Washington’s Mount Vernon include newspapers, letters, books, and artifacts that he personally accumulated over the years. The newspapers in the collection have an interesting mix of authors that supported the President’s viewpoints along with those who were his most vocal and outspoken critics. The most prestigious book in the collection is the Acts of the First Congress which includes the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Using the custom multitouch table and application Ideum created with Mount Vernon, visitors can digitally interact with all of these rare items. Visitors can flip pages, pinch-to-zoom in order to read Washington’s notes in response to his critics, or learn more about how he fulfilled his responsibilities as the first President in the Acts of the First Congress.

Visitors interacting with the exhibit discover hints, for further exploration, upon their first touch of a digital book. For example, users can drag a corner of a book in order to peel the page in 3D perspective and advance to the next page. In addition, annotation icons appear in many sections which, when pressed, launch a new window with more information. Visitors can also pinch-to-zoom in order to reveal more details in the rare manuscripts and publications found in the exhibit.

Ideum created a custom multitouch table with a one-of-a-kind finish that matches the style of Washington’s era. A powder coated brass finish was applied to the 55” display frame along with a hydro-dipped faux wood grain application to the base.

Take Note! George Washington the Reader is on display from September 27, 2013 through January 12, 2014 in the F.M. Kirby Foundation Gallery which is located in the Donald W. Reynolds Museum at Mount Vernon.

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