• The Onion News Touch Wall

    ONN anchors manipulate media in real time

Our application helps the Onion News Network create a perfect news parody

Generating Laughs in Real-time

A custom Open Exhibits (formerly GestureWorks Flash) application helps the Onion News Network create the funniest news on television. The Onion News Network, is a television series from the popular satirical news source The Onion, where news anchors use a multi-touch enabled media browsing application to explore story content.

Recon Wall is a custom-built Open Exhibits application that allows users to manipulate and draw on images or video in real-time. Media objects can be sorted, scaled, rotated and annotated using intuitive multi-touch gestures. The application is presented on a 52″ NextWindow 2700 overlay. This application is an inexpensive alternative to CNN’s $100,000+ touch wall. The Recon Wall system, including LCD, NextWindow overlay and Open Exhibits software, cost around $5,000.

The Onion News Network airs Fridays on IFC at 10 EST. See more about the features and function of the mulitouch media viewing application in this video.

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