• Cosmic Serpent

    Cross-cultural website promotes inclusive science education

An intersection between Native and Western-based methods of science education in the form of a professional development website

Bridging Native and Western Science

The Indigenous Education Institute (IEI) and the U.C. Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory (UCB) have developed Cosmic Serpent—a NSF-funded professional development project—to increase the capacity of museum practitioners to bridge native and western science learning in informal settings. Ideum worked closely with Cosmic Serpent to design and implement a site that would help increase participation of Native Americans in Western science and encourage a better appreciation of Native science by Western scientists.

Through blogging, highlighting the availability of regional workshops, enumerating online and offline resources, and making video and image sharing easy, we ensure that the site is functional, visually appealing, and informative. A clear navigational structure combined with a design that honors both western and native aesthetics makes it pleasant for visitors of either (or both) cultures to explore the site and connect with others.

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