• Aurorasaurus

    A citizen science tool for reporting and receiving aurora data

Aurorasaurus is a citizen science initiative in which anyone can help gather real-time data about the aurora. Participants make direct reports when they observe the aurora, and Aurorasaurus sends out notifications to users when aurora are likely to be visible in their region. Aurorasaurus improves forecasting of the aurora using these citizen science reports. Registering for Aurorasaurus gives you access to location-based aurora notifications, a real-time monitor of space weather activity, the ability to verify tweets and search for real sightings, answers to aurora-related questions, and more. In addition to direct reports from registered users, Aurorasaurus also gathers tweets that contain terms related to the aurora and displays them on a map.

Ideum designed and developed the Aurorasaurus application for the web and mobile devices. You can register and participate in this exciting citizen science project at aurorasaurus.org, where you can get the best view of the aurora map, access educational information, and follow the blog. The mobile application, which is great for receiving real-time alerts about auroras in your area, is available for iOS and Android devices. Aurorasaurus was funded by an award from the National Science Foundation.

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