Collection Viewer 2.0 and Other Open Exhibits Updates

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Open Exhibits, the feature-rich framework for developing computer-based educational exhibits, is releasing an update with some amazing new features.

The Open Exhibits project is gearing up for a major update. Open Exhibits is a National Science Foundation (NSF) sponsored project designed to transform how museum professional and other educators develop interactive computer-based exhibits. Ideum in the principal organization in the project. A new Open Exhibits multitouch SDK (Version 2) and other new software modules are going to be available in March. We are also re-designing and re-launching the Open Exhibits community-based website. All of this development is based on what we’ve learned from our members in the first 16 months of the project.  You can read more about the new release and the new website on the Open Exhibits blog. We’ve also posted a video showing the new Collection Viewer 2.0. This application has multiscreen support and it comes with editing GUI for adding content. (I should mention too that this multiscreen demo is running on our standard MT55 Platform multitouch table with an external monitor connected via HDMI.)

We still have a long list of additions to add to the Collection Viewer during the course of 2012. If you want see some of the features we are looking to add, see the blog post: Building a Better Collection Viewer (Part 2). You can see the original post on the Open Exhibits website: Collection Viewer 2.0

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