VRMag Full Screen Panoramas

vrmag.jpgThe always interesting VRMag online magazine has a new issue out (#28). This issue contains amazing QuickTime VR panoramas of the closed area of Chernobyl (apparently no dose of radiation is too high in the pursuit of panoramic imagery!), along with some wonderful images of Havana, Cuba. This issue also has a republished version of my review of the Old Masters Gallery in Dresden, which first appeared in the ExhibitFiles. Along with the republished text, photographer Johnny Vaccaro has added some beautifully detailed full-screen panoramas of the Old Masters Gallery.

Earlier in the month, I had the opportunity to meet the VRMag Editorial Director Marco Trezzini in Lugano, Switzerland. (I taught a class at the University of Lugano as part of their TEC-CH Masters program.) It was great to finally have an opportunity to meet Marco and talk shop, as we’ve been in email contact for several years now. VRMag has covered our work since we got started back in 2000, along with the work of hundreds of other photographers and multimedia firms. VRMag and the VRWay site list dozens of feature stories and an extensive hotlist of panoramic images from around the world.

Update November 30th: BoingBoing (the #3 Blog in the world according to Technorati) has a post about VRMag, apparently John Gaeta “the Oscar-winning special effects guru behind The Matrix trilogy and the forthcoming Speed Racer film” has some very nice things to say about VRMag.

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