New Nasa rules?

We’ve been following the Bush Administration’s alleged attempts to censor NASA scientists and research findings for the last couple of months. Today, we learn that NASA has unveiled new rules on the release of agency information. The Washington Post has an article, NASA Sets New Rules On Media. They state…

NASA Administrator Michael D. Griffin unveiled new rules yesterday that govern the release of agency information to news media and the public, his most detailed response yet to embarrassing allegations that NASA’s public affairs office had sought to suppress the release of scientific information not consistent with the views of the Bush administration.

While the new rules seem like a welcomed clarification (or change?), it does seem like they want to have both ways. The Post reports…

It calls upon all NASA employees to coordinate with public affairs officials before releasing information “that has the potential to generate significant media, or public interest or inquiry.” Employees are also encouraged “to the maximal extent practicable” to have a public affairs officer present at media interviews “to attest to the content of the interview, support the interviewee, and provide post-interview follow-up with the media as necessary.”

We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out. You may want to read the New York Times article on the same topic to learn more, New NASA Policy Backs Free Discussion by Scientists.

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