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A very busy week as we are facilitating, presenting, exhibiting, and soon will be partying at the Museums and the Web Conference. A few quick things to report.

Museums and the Web has its own community site and participants are posting images to Flickr. Also, the Walker Art Center’s New Media Initiative Blog is covering a number of the sessions.

Podcasting and blogging seem to be the big topics this year and I have had several very interesting discussions about where all this is headed. There’s been talk about perhaps forming a Blog Carnival for museum blogs. This idea has come from out of session entitled, All Weblogs Are Not Created Equal by Daniel Mosquin from the University British Columbia Botanical Garden who operates a series of blogs.

Earlier in the month we posted a Survey of Museum Blogs & Community Sites as well as a follow up post with a more complete list and a “call for action” to get museum blogs to cite each other and link to each other more often. As a group, we don’t have much authority in the blogging world. Perhaps we should look into starting a carnival, or some other method for more regularly citing each other more often? Maybe this could be picked up by those museum bloggers who are meeting at AAM as well?

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