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    Visitors explore Indianapolis and plan their visit

Visitors discover attractions through an interactive 3D model of Indianapolis

The Whole City at Your Fingertips

Visit Indy, the official guide to travel and meetings in Indianapolis, worked with both RATIO Architects, Inc. and Ideum to enhance tourism wayfinding and to attract new business to the city using an interactive 3D model of Indianapolis.

Visitors to the Visit Indy offices can now explore the city’s vast offerings for business, leisure, dining, and accommodations by interacting with the 3D multitouch city on a huge 65” Presenter touch wall by Ideum. The Visit Indy application allows visitors to use a variety of gestures to navigate around the city to identify destinations. Tapping a building brings up a window about the details of the place. Visitors can save their favorite spot in the “My Indy” collection. These personalized item lists may be emailed to the visitor to engage them outside of the experience.

The pop-up windows also include rich media content, such as photographs and video, to showcase destination highlights and features. Additional design features include color coded like destinations i.e. sports venues, restaurants, accommodations, and other attractions to make it visually apparent where these locations are throughout the city.

The dynamically rendered 3D image allows for smooth motion of the graphic as the visitors travel through the city. Visitors can actively “fly” through Indianapolis in the 3D rendering and get a feel for spatial relationships of destinations while navigating the city.

The content does not remain static, however, as it also has a user-friendly content management system behind the scenes. Visit Indy can change and update text and media easily and synchronize the media.

The multitouch city was developed using GestureWorks Core and Unity 3D while the Content Management System and synchronization was built with Ruby on Rails and Node.

RATIO, Inc. collaborated with Ideum on the application by providing design, media, and 3D elements and contributing their invaluable intimate knowledge of the city of Indianapolis.


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