• 100 Years of Federal Policy

    A timeline of recent history impacting Pueblo Communities

Visitors explore a timeline exhibit on a custom-built touch-enabled stretched LCD

A Timeline of Struggle

The last one-hundred years have seen a remarkable renaissance in Pueblo life. This movement has been fed in part the ongoing struggle for civil right and a reclamation of sovereignty. 100 Years of State and Federal Policy: The Impact on Pueblo Nations is a new exhibition at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center that coincides with New Mexico’s Centennial celebrations. This exhibition explores that last one-hundred years illuminating both the people and policy changes that have made the last century so remarkable.

Ideum worked closely with the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center to develop two interactive multiscreen, media exhibits: a touch table Collection Viewer and a one-of-a-kind touch-enabled timeline viewer. The timeline screen is a stretched 42″ LCD screen with a custom infrared overlay. This unique super-wide screen has a 1920 x 508 resolution and 19:5 ratio aspect. Ideum designed and built the custom overlay and hardened case for the LCD screen.

The timeline viewer allows visitors to select an era and drag the screen to select important milestones over the last century. The milestones are presented as images and text or as video interviews on an adjacent HD monitor. Ideum helped develop both the custom hardware and software. The software is based on open modules that are part of the Open Exhibits software initiative.

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center produced all of the content for the exhibit. Ideum developed a custom curation application that allows IPCC staff members to easily popular the exhibit with content. All of the content is external to the application and can be updated and revised by IPCC staff. You can view a video of opening night on the KOAT Channel 7 or visit the IPCC website to learn more about the exhibition.

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