• Coca-Cola / The World’s Cup

    Two exhibits celebrate the essence of the World Cup

Coca-Cola World Cup 2014 VIP lounge includes an interactive map and digital foosball game


Ideum produced a multiple exhibit installation for The World Cup in Brazil. The exhibit was installed in several locations, including a hospitality suite in Rio de Janeiro and a similar venue location in Sao Paulo. The installation consists of two custom software applications: an interactive world map and a multiplayer digital foosball game.

The foosball game pits up to four simultaneous players against each other. Individual players can control the row of players in front of them, just as in a traditional foosball game. In addition to the controls of a traditional foosball game, this digital version augments the experience with realistic game physics, additional sound effects, animations and customized graphics truly capturing the essence of the world’s greatest tournament.

With the power of the Unity Game Engine coupled with the interactive tools of the GestureWorks framework, the multiplayer foosball table takes table-top gaming into a new realm of realism.

Coca-Cola’s “The World’s Cup” map exhibit allows viewers to explore the culture of many of the participating countries, by tapping on individual countries to reveal pop-up video windows. Each video window contains video content specific to that country, from documentary footage and music videos to extended individual human-interest stories. Users can quickly flip through each of the media elements as well as navigate the map itself with simple gestures.

In addition to the video player, the map has several ‘easter eggs’, giving viewers another level of interaction. Individual graphics reveal animations when tapped and a live confetti trail follows a user’s finger throughout the application as they interact with the screen.

Ideum worked closely with Coca-Cola as part of their “The World’s Cup” campaign to create a compelling experience that adds another level of engagement for tournament visitors.

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