• Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission

    A 3D node viewer for a 100" multitouch table

Three dimensional "node viewer" exhibit provides a compelling and unique interface

An Audience with the Kingdom

The Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission to the U.S. worked with Dahlia Design and Ideum to create a custom multitouch exhibit outlining the history and culture of Saudi Arabia. Ideum designed the software to encourage exploration and social interaction for visitors as they explore rich media elements on a massive 100” multitouch table.

The surface of the multitouch table presents 6 three dimensional spheres which gently undulate to indicate the starting point for exploration. Each labeled sphere represents major categories such as the history, culture, and future of Saudi Arabia. Upon touching a sphere it reveals subcategories of information in an interconnected hierarchical node network of media populated shapes. Moving a sphere will cause a propagation of organic motion through any connected subcategories. Collisions between the edges of the screen add a further dimension to quasi-physical feel of the connected nodes.

Once a content node is touched, 3D models, video, or images appear. Three dimensional artifacts may be rotated 360 degrees. Videos play when opened and the sound is panned to either side of the table depending on their location. Each media element has a corresponding written description that provides interesting insight into the content. At any point, users may email a point of interest to themselves for later exploration.

The exhibit encourages multiple visitors to interact simultaneously. Six participants may comfortably explore each set of nodes individually. The starting point spheres are tethered to an invisible radial anchor which helps to reduce overlap. Media windows auto-orient based on the best viewing angle allowing visitors to share media objects across the screen.

The exhibit is a key component of the museum space at the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission.

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