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    Multiple users explore collections from the National Labs

Exploring the history of the universe with the Department of Energy national laboratories

The History of the Universe

Ideum worked with Fermi National Laboratory to create a multiuser multitouch exhibit that would represent all of the Department of Energy Laboratories and showcase the incredible work they do on the fundamental physics of the universe.

The DOE interactive multitouch exhibit allows multiple users to engage with the scientific information by providing up to four simultaneous viewing windows, each with direct access to the eight stages of the history of the universe. The categories range from the Big Bang to present day, spanning the history of the universe and the physics associated with each stage in the universe‚Äôs development. Each individual viewing window gives the user an access point into the eight distinct stages of the history of the universe. The individual image galleries for each stage represent a core scientific proficiency of one the Department of Energy’s laboratories.The Department of Energy custom viewing application traverses several large image and video collections, allowing the user to read, watch and explore through the current scientific work being done by the Department of Energy Laboratories.

Each of the viewing windows for the Department of Energy interactive application can be navigated independently. They can be rotated, scaled and dragged to accommodate a viewer standing at any point along the outside of the table, giving the user a great deal of flexibility.

The 4K of the 55″ UHD 4K multitouch tables gives each individual user their own nearly-HD viewing window. This allows multiple users to have an engaging high-definition experience at the same table, while allowing the incredible national laboratory imagery to shine.

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