• Arctic Choices

    Showing the impact of global warming on an interactive globe

Visitors explore Arctic Choices with a multitouch, multi-user mapping exhibit

Staring at the Top of the World

Global warming and increased human activity in the far north are changing the Arctic in dramatic ways. A unique interactive mapping application combined with a multitouch table allows visitors to better visualize the changes that are occurring in the Arctic. Multiple users can interact simultaneously, changing the display of the map. Additionally, a magnifier feature allows visitors to see details on the map such as the location of Inuit communities.

The Arctic Choices software uses high-resolution custom map overlays that demonstrate everything from animal migration paths to the diminishing extent of winter ice sheets. iPhone-like dials allow visitors to intuitively select from years of data. The custom dials are programmed to give them a more realistic feel as they are manipulated on the touchscreen.

The magnifying glass feature can be dragged over any point on the map, allowing visitors to view detail on the map, including in the changing overlays. The Arctic Choices exhibit is part of Vancouver Aquarium‘s Canada’s Arctic – In the Grip of Change exhibition.

The Arctic Choices exhibit runs on Ideum’s MT-50 touch table. This high-resolution ruggedized table is built specifically for high-traffic environments like the Vancouver Aquarium. The table is built of aircraft-grade aluminum, powder-coated steel panels, and anti-glare, and Sevasa HapticGlas tempered glass.

The software was developed with Adobe Flash and Ideum’s Open Exhibits (formerly GestureWorks Flash) framework, which allows Flash developers to easily develop their own custom multitouch applications.

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