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Ideum Blog is Five Years Old Today

Back in 2006, when we started blogging, we weren’t really sure where it would lead. At the time, we were interested in Web 2.0 technology and how it might be best used by the museum field. Five years, 259 posts, and 3,561 comments later, the changes we’ve seen to both the web and the museum fields have been dramatic. In March of 2006, we conducted a survey of museum blogs and community sites and found 26 sites, most of them begun within a…

Planning for Social Sites

In designing Websites that have a social dimension we’ve learned the importance of developing a social networking plan. While the standard methods of Web design -such as wireframes and mockups– are still part of the process, we’ve been concurrently working on plans for social interaction. Back in 2006, when we developed the American Image site, which uses Flickr, we learned the hard way that failing to properly plan for social interaction can have negative ramifications. The American Image: The Photographs of John Collier Jr.