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100″ Multitouch Table, EM Spectrum Exhibit

Update: February 13, 2015  – We have a completely updated version of the EM Spectrum application using dual 55″ 4K UHD screen.  We’ve begun work on our most ambitious multitouch exhibit to date. We are building a 100″ table for Adventure Science Center’s Sudekum Planetarium in Nashville, Tennessee. The design is based on our MT2 multitouch table. For this custom installation, we are doubling the current form factor to create our largest multitouch surface to date. Of course, doubling the size involves a number of significant changes.

Birmingham Today : Multitouch Exhibition Space

Just last week we completed an installation of a multitouch, multiuser table exhibit and two multitouch enabled kiosks for Vulcan Park and Museum in Birmingham, Alabama. The Birmingham Today exhibition space has floor-to-ceiling windows on one side and provides a dramatic view of the city. For exhibits, we worked closely with the museum and focused on exploring Birmingham and the surrounding region through interactive maps, panoramic images, and community-provided photography. For our second multitouch table installation, we designed a mapping and photo…

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