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Exhibit Technician Position

We’ve just posted a position for an Exhibit Developer/Technician 1 on Craigslist. As we state in the posting… “We seek a full-time exhibit developer who can help us build and install computer-based multi-touch tables and custom exhibit installations. We also need help with technical documentation, email and phone support, so strong writing and communication skills are required. This is an entry-level position, so we don’t expect applicants to have museum or exhibit experience, but we are looking for someone with fabrication, shop skills, electric skills,…

100″ Multitouch Table, EM Spectrum Exhibit

Update: February 13, 2015  – We have a completely updated version of the EM Spectrum application using dual 55″ 4K UHD screen.  We’ve begun work on our most ambitious multitouch exhibit to date. We are building a 100″ table for Adventure Science Center’s Sudekum Planetarium in Nashville, Tennessee. The design is based on our MT2 multitouch table. For this custom installation, we are doubling the current form factor to create our largest multitouch surface to date. Of course, doubling the size involves a number of significant changes.

Multitouch Table and Mapping Exhibit Install

Earlier this week, we installed our first multitouch table at the Don Harrington Discovery Center in Amarillo, Texas. The touch table is right in the entranceway to the museum near a large satellite photograph of Amarillo and its’ environs. The table runs a custom mulituser, multitouch application we developed with the Don Harrington Discovery Center and Vulcan Park and Museum. This multitouch mashup application uses Flickr and Yahoo! Maps. There is more on the design and software development process on the…

Open Exhibits Survey Update

Open Exhibits Survey Update

In just over two weeks, we’ve received more than 40 responses to our survey about computer-based exhibits in museums. The survey is open to museums of art, history, and science. We’re also hoping to…