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Welcome to Ideum Labs

Welcome to Ideum Labs

Ideum Labs was conceived as a high output, low production value home for our staff to share raw ideas, UX experiments, project snippets, and interesting HCI + multitouch news.

New Features Added to ExhibitFiles

ExhibitFiles is an NSF-sponsored community site for exhibit designers and developers. Together with Project Directors Wendy Pollock and Kathleen McLean, as well as a dedicated group of advisors, Ideum has helped develop and operate the site. Over the past few years, we’ve seen the community site grow from a couple dozen people to nearly 1,600 members and there are now over 200 member-contributed exhibit case studies and reviews. Last week, we rolled out some new features, including improvements to the Members section,…

Ten Twitter Tools – Helpful Utilities

Twitter continues to rise in popularity and dozens of museums now use this micro-blogging service. While we have yet to employ Twitter with one of our museum clients, there are a diverse group of museums large and small already using Twitter. Just search for “museum” on Twitter and you’ll find a number of examples (such as the Discovery Center from Springfield Missouri below).  It seems likely many more museums will follow in the coming months. Though we’ve just begun to build our own…

Using TwitterFeed to Update Twitter

If you have a Twitter account, you probably already have blog, a Facebook page, a Flickr account, a YouTube account along with other points of presence on the Web. For many of our museum clients, managing this extended presence with limited resources is a constant challenge. So anything that comes along that makes this process easier is of great interest. This week we created a Twitter site for RSS Mixer. I wanted to find a way to help keep this Twitter site up-to-date…