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Open Exhibits, Year Two

Open Exhibits, Year Two

Our Open Exhibits multitouch software initiative has just completed its first year. Last year, we received funding from the National Science Foundation and we launched our full community site last November. We’ve learned a…

7 Foot Multitouch Wall at Monterey Bay Aquarium (Video)

This short video shows the multitouch wall exhibit, Tiny Drifters, which we helped develop for Monterey Bay Aquarium. (See our interactive video walls page for more about our services.)  The video will give you an idea of how the whole exhibit came together. As I mentioned in prior posts, this touch wall has some very unique qualities… First off, it is big. It has a seven-foot diameter glass surface and while there are certainly bigger multitouch walls out there,…

The MT55 Platform Multitouch Table Has Arrived.

Today Ideum is releasing the MT55 Platform multitouch table. The second multitouch table in the MT series, The Platform redefines our product line with an elegant new design. The Platform houses an efficient integrated computer, reliable solid state components, and a bright 55-inch interactive LED LCD display inside an impossibly thin 3″ surface. The MT55 Platform offers many of the same features as the MT55 Pro. The 55″ full HD display uses an optical…

Building a High-Resolution Multitouch Wall (Part 5)

This is the fifth blog post about our multitouch wall installation.  To see the previous ones see: Building a High-Resolution Multitouch Wall Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3 & Part 4. (Update 9/7/12: You might want checkout the Presenter Touch Wall, a 65″ multitouch wall built for public spaces.) As I have mentioned in previous posts, while we received permission to share the development process we’ve been unable to say just which “major North American aquarium” we have been working with.