What goes into an Ideum Multitouch Table or a Touch Wall

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We use the best available components and with our lean and nimble manufacturing methods we are able to integrate “what’s new” much faster than our competitors.

Our sales team is often asked, “Why should I buy your touch table? What makes your products different than those offered by others?” Beyond our great service and support, and the attention to detail in our design and assembly process, it is the quality of the components that we integrate and materials that we use in manufacturing that make our touch tables and touch walls better than our competitors.

We use the best available components and with our lean and nimble manufacturing methods we are able to integrate “what’s new” much faster than our competitors. Our line of 43”, 49”, 55”, and 65” touch tables and touch walls all use the following high-quality components:


3m-sm3M Touch Technology – Well known for their highly accurate and reliable touch technology, Ideum has been integrating 3M touch technology for the last several years. Our entire line of integrated displays, from 43” to 65”, uses 3M’s “3rd Generation” projected-capacitive (pcap) touch technology. This non-optical touch technology is bezel-less and impervious to light interference.  The 3M touch technology supports 80 simultaneous touch points. Ideum was the first company to offer 3M touch technology in 43”, 49”, and 65” display sizes. And we are the only company that offers object recognition through our proprietary Tangible Engine software.


lg-smLG Commercial 4K Ultra HD Displays – Early in 2016, we moved our entire line to 4K Ultra HD, well-before our competitors. All of our displays and touch tables from 43” to 86” use top-of-the-line LG commercial monitors. These displays are made with top-grade components and are designed for commercial applications. They provide brightness, clarity and a great visual experience along with superior reliability.


intel-smIntel i7 Quad-Core Processors – We’ve always used the latest in high-end Intel processors in our systems and we love having “Intel Inside.”  All of our systems use Intel i7 Quad-Core processors. Along with a powerful processor, our systems come standard with 16GB ram (upgradeable to 32GB), and fast 512GB SSD hard drives (upgradeable to dual 1TB drives).


nvdia-smNVIDIA GTX Graphics – A full-sized, dedicated NVIDIA graphics card is in every system we sell. Our Platform, Drafting Table, Coffee Table, and the integrated low-profile Presenter computer box all come standard with an NVIDIA GTX 1070 graphic card (upgradeable to a GTX 1080). The Colossus 86” touch table comes standard with the GTX 1080.


usa-smAircraft-Grade Aluminum Case & Chassis – Our displays and the chassis for our touch tables are all built out of high-quality aluminum, crafted here in the USA. While many of our competitors have plastics or other inferior materials, we build our systems for maximum durability. Our standard units come with a durable black powder-coat, but we can make them in virtually any color (and many different finishes).


It has been amazing to see how large scale touch technology has evolved since we built our first multitouch table back in 2008. We will continue to integrate the best quality components and seek out new and improved hardware for our systems. Many of our customers and partners have provided us with feedback about our touch tables and touch walls, so many of the improvements you’ve seen over the years have come from them. If you have suggestions or questions about our systems, please let us know.

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