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We build experiences. Join us!

Ideum is focused on developing a new generation of innovative visitor experiences. We work with world famous museums, Fortune 500 companies, top brands, and innovative nonprofits across the globe. We are looking for talented and motivated individuals who want to join us as we explore what’s next in software and hardware development for public spaces.

The following positions are now open:

Creative Services Intern

We seek a full-time Intern to work with our Creative Services (CS) group. This a paid, fixed-term internship of 3 to 4 months (depending on the candidate’s availability and the timing of the hire). The CS group at Ideum develops interactive experiences for museums and other public spaces. Responsibilities may vary but include testing applications in various phases of development as a core part of the job. Depending on the candidate, they may also work with various teams within CS: graphic production, content development, social media, 3D printing, or programming, along with IOT electronics development.

Exhibit Production Intern

We seek a full-time Intern to work with our hardware production group. This a paid, fixed term internship 10-11 weeks (depending on the candidates availability and the timing of the hire). The hardware production group at Ideum designs and develops multitouch tables and touch screens for public spaces. Responsibilities will vary but learning how to assemble and test hardware will be key. Depending on the candidate they may also work with various teams within Ideum and be involved in 3D printing, or programming, along with electronics development.

Exhibit Tech

We seek a full-time Exhibit Technician who can help our multitouch tables and custom exhibit installations assembly and support group. We are looking for a detail-oriented, precision craftsman who can help us build the highest quality integrated computer systems.

HCI Programmer

We seek a developer with demonstrated programming experience and other complementary skills to join our team of programmers, designers, UI / UX developers, and producers. We work on custom installations for world renowned museums, Fortune 500 companies, and other interesting clients. As our company continues to expand, we are looking for a self-starter who can contribute right away, but who is also willing to learn new things.

Interactive Designer

We seek an experienced Interactive Designer to help with our creative exhibit development projects and internal initiatives. Ideum does a wide variety of work and the Interactive Designer would work closely with our producers, other designers, software developers and engineers to help shape unique visitor experiences and support our innovative products. We are looking for someone who owns their designs, but can also communicate with others and be responsive to suggestions and changes from colleagues, clients and usability testers. Strong design skills, attention to detail, and a passion for the work are key. Our projects range from exhibit and software development particularly for our multitouch tables and touch walls, unique HCI exhibits, product marketing, web development, media production, and much more.

Technical Projects & Facilities Manager

Ideum is seeking a Technical Projects & Facilities Manager for our Creative Services (CS) department. The Creative Services group develops interactive exhibits for public spaces such as museums. Ideum’s exhibits typically include custom software, hardware, and one-of-a-kind visitor experiences. The Technical Projects & Facilities Manager will manage staff, organize and maintain our R & D and Usability Lab, and help organize our hardware installations. We are looking for a self-starter with managerial experience who can contribute right away, but who is also willing to learn new things. We are deeply interested in the future of technology and we are looking for someone who wants to help us get there.

For more information about the positions and how to apply, visit


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