Ideum First to Offer 65″ UHD 4K 3M™ Projected-Capacitive Displays

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"We are committed to offering the best touch technology and the best screen resolution available for our customers." - Jim Spadaccini, Ideum CEO

We have just released an all new 65” Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K multitouch Drafting Table and Presenter touch wall, making us the first to incorporate these recently released 3M™ 65″ projected-capacitive displays.  The new 65” multitouch display has support for 60 touch points. It is bezel-less, impervious to optical interference, and has greater fidelity and responsiveness than displays using other touch technologies. Projected-capacitive touch is the same technology found in popular in smart phones and tablets.

The Ideum Drafting Table 65 is a fully integrated system equipped with a powerful integrated Intel® Core™ i7 quad core computer and single push-button power. It follows the traditional “drafting table” design, with its large 65” UHD 4K touch display oriented at a 30-degree angle.

The Ideum Presenter 65 is a hardened, multitouch UHD 4K display. It can be purchased with back-mounted computer with single push-button operation. The Presenter has a standard VESA mount back-plate and can be hung vertically or horizontally. Both the Presenter 65 and Drafting Table 65 can be purchased with either Windows Professional 7, 8.1, or the new Windows 10.

The Drafting Table 65 and Presenter 65 are designed and built by Ideum in the USA to exacting standards. Like all of Ideum’s products they are built out of aircraft-grade aluminum and come complete with lockable ports to ensure security. They are ready for any environment including busy public spaces.

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