New Silver Nanowire 42″ Multitouch Screens (Video)

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Ideum's new 42" multitouch tables and walls are built with fast, invisible silver nanowire technology. This versatile product line is tough enough for public spaces and small enough for home use.

Ideum has collaborated with our partners to create a line of 42″ multitouch tables and walls using a new type of projected capacitive touch technology. The new multitouch screens are built with silver nanowire, which has a fast response time and a high level of fidelity. Perhaps most importantly, this very fine silver mesh cannot be seen – so it doesn’t interfere with the image on the screen. The 42″ multitouch screen product line is intended to be incredibly versatile. The hardware is tough enough to be used in the same public spaces as our larger tables, but small enough to be welcomed into homes.

The new 42″ screen is available in several Ideum models. The Presenter 42 is a multitouch wall, ideal for business settings and presentations. The 42″ Duet coffee table is perfect for home or lobby and lounge settings, where people can sit comfortably to interact with the table.

Casual or Purposeful; The Duet Does It All

The Platform 42 and Platform 42 Drafting multitouch tables will be available in September 2015. The Platform 42 is a flat multitouch table that can accommodate a pair of people working together on a project or engaging in an interactive. The Platform 42 Drafting Table’s screen is oriented at a 30-degree angle, and is great as a workstation or an eye-catching display.

Platform 42 Multitouch Table

Ideum’s multitouch tables and walls are designed and built in the USA. To learn more about Ideum’s hardware, visit our multitouch table and touch wall pages.

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