The Ultimate Multitouch Table

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The new Pro Lab is now arguably the most powerful multitouch table in the world. It comes with an Intel Core i7 computer with 32GB of RAM and can be upgraded to include 24TB of removable storage.

Just a couple of weeks ago we announced a major update to our Platform 55″ and Platform Drafting Table 55″, and our Presenter 55″ Touch Walls.  All of these models have our new, ultra thin, 4K UHD projected capacitive touch screens with up to 60 touch points. Our top of the line Pro and Pro Lab multitouch tables now have the same amazing screen, and we’ve updated their systems as well.  The new Pro Lab in particular is now arguably the most powerful production multitouch table in the world. We are really proud of our new line of touch tables. These are the best we’ve ever built, and we’ve been designing touch tables since 2008.

Our new Pro Lab comes standard with an Intel Core i7 computer with 32GB of RAM and three 2TB removable disk drives. The Pro Lab can be upgraded to include three 8TB removable drives for an astounding 24TB of storage. The computer and all of its components, which include a UPS backup and Yamaha sound system are in a locked, secure pedestal crafted out of aluminum. Along with all of these features, there is the new touch display!

Our 55” projected capacitive display (P-CAP) uses the same touch technology found in popular tablets and smart phones. P-CAP is a highly reliable, non-optical form of touch technology; it is bezel-less and impervious to interference from light. The display supports up to 60 simultaneous touch points, with an impressive 5ms response time and 4K UHD LED LCD display. The screen has an all-aluminum frame with a 1-inch lip and is less 2 inches thick, making it the thinnest 4K multitouch display in the world.

Today, the popular tech blog, Gizmag covered the story, “Ideum announces new 4K resolution multitouch table.” Below are some photos of the Pro Lab. High-resolution images are available in our Pro Lab Album on our Flickr site.

Pro Lab multitouch table by Ideum

Pro Lab Multitouch Table

Detail of Pro Multitouch Table with 24TB of storage

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