Prototyping + Usability Lab: Our First Month

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After one month of operation, Ideum's Prototyping + Usability Lab has been immensely useful in many important projects.

The new Ideum Prototyping + Usability Lab is now operational! As the name suggests, we use this space to build prototypes and conduct testing. But the space is so much more than than. The lab is also equipped with a media production area, 3D printing and CNC router room, and even a showroom for our multitouch tables. If you missed our announcement about the full capabilities of the Prototyping + Usability Lab in our blog last month, check it out for more details.

We’ve already utilized the space on some exciting new projects, such as building out 55″ UHD 4K and 84″ UHD 4K prototype multitouch tables for the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum. We’ve also been building a number of custom displays for the Field Museum. In September, we will be building out two new multitouch tables. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on all of these exciting projects.

This month we also conducted usability testing for a variety of Web and mobile projects. Perhaps our most interesting experiment in our new Lab has been our work with tangibles and projected capacitive touch screens. Check out our Dynamic Desktop prototype, which for the first time allows objects to trigger interactions in a non-vision-based system. We have plans to continue work on this experimental software which works with our GestureWorks HCI framework.

Here’s a little peek at the Prototyping + Usability Lab in its first month of operation. If you’d like to see more, we have additional photos on Flickr.




The Prototyping + Usability Lab is also where we are designing the next generation of our: multitouch coffee tables, drafting tables, touch walls, and other products.



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