Why Buy an Ideum Multitouch Table or Wall?

Back in 2009 our company began producing multitouch tables for sale. Our simple premise, was that building reliable, hardened, turnkey,touch tables (and later touch walls) with best available components and exemplary service would fill a growing need, particularly for public spaces like museums. Our first clients were museums, but soon others became interested.

Boeing was an early client (and still is) and first movers in other markets from began to emerge in every field from banking to sports training. Since 2009, we’ve sold hundreds of tables to organizations large and small across the globe. Our clients include dozens of top Universities, Libraries, Schools, renowned research labs, government agencies including all four branches of the US Armed forces, Fortune 500 companies,and a veritable “Who’s Who” of museums. (See our client list)

Our touch tables and touch walls are unique and are sought after by discerning people all over the world. They have been sold in over 20 countries in every continent except to Antarctica. We arrange shipping door-to-door or we can arrange more economical solutions direct to International airports.

We build incredibly reliable and responsive touch tables and touch walls with the latest available technology. We utilize two types of touch technology in our products: projected capacitive touch (the same tech found on a smart phone or tablet) and IR overlay. Both of these technologies provide robust and hassle-free touch technology. (To learn more see: project capacitive touch vs. IR overlay)

Our continuous efforts in rapid prototyping and intensive testing means that we make sure we can get the latest emerging technology into our touch tables and walls. We were one of the first companies to offer UHD 4K displays in our 55” and 65” multitouch tables and touch walls. Along with new products, we’ve developed a variety of custom systems, all with the same commitment to quality.

We were the first company to offer 3M 46” projected capacitive touch displays in touch tables, multitouch coffee tables, and in drafting-style touch table configurations. We were also the first to offer Android versions of our coffee tables. Our close relationship with our partners at 3M has lead to our prototyping 55”project capacitive touch concept table, revealed earlier this year at InfoComm 2014 in Las Vegas.

Finally, our support staff is made up of the same people who assemble our tables. Insuring first, the highest-quality build and second incredibly knowledgeable support if and when it is needed. All of this work happens in our Corrales, New Mexico production studios.We take pride in our work, and we think you’ll see that in quality of our products and the responsiveness of our staff. We’ve been designing and building multitouch tables since 2008. Who can say that?

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  You can reach us by phone at (505) 792-1110 ext. 1 or toll free in the US and Canada at (855) 898-6824 or via email at [email protected].

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