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Ideum's CEO and Creative Director, Jim Spadaccini is excited to be a mentor for Creative Startups, a startup accelerator in New Mexico.

Every great idea has started somewhere.  Many ideas fail because they don’t have the knowledge or resources to help them succeed.  When a startup company is created, it may be difficult to know where to turn or get the help needed to succeed.  Some companies are easier to find help, then there are the creative + cultural businesses that may not have as many resources available to them.  While startup accelerators are on the rise, they are often more willing to help tech companies.


Creative Startups is a startup accelerator that is designed to help creative and cultural entrepreneurs.  Their unique mixture of combining their team, mentors, Virtual Accelerator, 5-day Deep Dive, and Demo Days creates a largest collaboration of creative founders, industry leaders, and investors in the nation.

Ideum’s CEO and Creative Director, Jim Spadaccini is excited to be a mentor during this project.  He is joined by other entrepreneurs from New Mexico from a wide range of businesses and organizations. To see a complete list of the mentors, visit the Creative Startups website.

Creative Startups is currently accepting applications for it’s program that will begin in September.  Your application will be accepted through August 31, 2014 and the selected creative entrepreneurs will be be notified shortly after.

To learn more about Creative Startups, visit

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