SUR40 No Longer? No Problem.

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The Samsung SUR40 multitouch table is retiring. Meet the top contender, Ideum's Platform Multitouch Tables.

UPDATE 4/1/16 – We also now support a form of fudicial marker recognition. See our JCB Tasting Salon portfolio piece. 

With the Samsung SUR40 multitouch table, apparently being discontinued, those of you who were fans can transfer your love to our Platform 46 full-size and coffee tables.  Integrated with a 46” 3M projected capacitive display and built for demanding public and semi-public spaces, our Platform 46 tables shine where the SUR40 with Microsoft PixelSense fell short.

Check out the extensive features of the Ideum Platform 46 multitouch tables:

• Available in counter or coffee table heights (reflective of the Surface 1?)
• Incredibly durable, constructed of aircraft grade aluminum (frame and housing made in the USA)
• A powerful i7 computer included with many optional upgrades
• Impervious to even the most demanding lighting conditions (*ahem*)
• Integrated with 3M projected capacitive touch screens that are capable of 60 simultaneous touch points
• Has secure lockable controls
• Comes with Windows 8.1 OS installed
• Compatible with applications built with Microsoft Surface Software Development Kit (SDK)
• Bundled with our GestureWorks software development framework

Applications created for the SUR40 table can effortlessly run on the Platform 46 (and virtually all of our multitouch tables). We support Windows 7 / 8 touch events as well as the TUIO protocol. You won’t lose a thing, you’ll gain performance and reliability. The Platform touch table is a great replacement.

See the features of the Platform 46 full-size table in the video:

See the specifications for the Platform multitouch tables. The Platform 46 full-sized multitouch table and multitouch coffee tables are also available for rent. See our Multitouch Rentals microsite for more details.

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