New Platform and Pro featured in Engadget and Gizmag

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Ideum is thankful to be receiving coverage in a number of publications recently, including Engadget, Gizmag, and The New Mexico Business Weekly.

The tech blog Engadget, which Technorati lists as the #5 blog in the world, covered the release of our new Platform and Pro multitouch tables last Thursday.  The article focused on speed of the two tables and on the new thin design (“half as thick as a SUR40”). You can check out the article, Ideum unveils speedy Platform and Pro multi-touch tables, says PixelSense ain’t got nothin’



On Monday, Gizmag reviewed our new multitouch tables covering all of the new features including our new RFID capabilities. You can read, Ideum sets 4th generation multitouch table on the Gizmag site.


The New Mexico Business Weekly also covered the new release see:  Ideum takes next step in touch screen technology. Finally, the new Pro and Platform release was also featured in articles on Slashgear, the French tech blog Journal du Geek, and about a dozen other blogs and sites around world.

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