MT65 Presenter Feature Video

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The new MT65 Presenter is a feature-rich multitouch wall built for tough environments.

(Update 9/7/12: Check out the new Presenter multitouch wall and new Presenter video.)

The MT65 Presenter is an integrated and hardened 65″ LED HD multitouch display.  It is multitouch enabled from start-up and has a powerful CPU and dedicated GPU inside. It is a plug-and-play touch wall, ready for museums, public places, research labs, retail spaces, and other tough environments.  We recently released a video to highlight many of the Presenter’s core features and benefits.

Watch the new MT65 Presenter Video on Vimeo. For additional information and to download specifications, head to the MT65 Presenter page.

Let us know what you think, we’d love to hear your feedback.

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