The Next 25 Years in Emerging Tech

Fast Company’s Design Blog posted an interesting infographic yesterday on the Next 25 Years in Emerging Tech. I’ve been a fan of well-constructed infographics and folks in the studio have been passing around some really interesting infographics from lately. This particular graphic was constructed by Michell Zappa and maps a number of emerging technologies.

future tech infographic

The technologies that we were most interested in have to do with Natural User Interfaces. Under the heading NUI, the infographic lists: multitouch, gesture recognition, augmented reality, speech recognition, haptics, telepresence, and machine vision.

The contents for the graphic were researched from “hundreds of articles, magazines, and books” and the site lists a number of sources. The graphic is available as high-resolution PNG and as PDF and it released with a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

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