Oil Spill Exhibit Update

Back in June, we announced the release of a free multitouch application that combined NOAA oil spill data, visitor contributed Flickr photos, and Google Maps.  (You can see that blog post and video,  BP Oil Multitouch Map Mashup.) The application was developed exhibit using our own GestureWorks multitouch framework for Adobe Flash.

This application is still available to educational organizations such as science centers and aquariums.  Since then a few different museums and aquariums across the globe have expressed interest.

Just this week we got our first photographs back from Petrosains Discovery Centre in Mayalsia. The exhibit is in their Hot Science exhibit area.

Gulf Oil Spill Application at Petrosains Discovery Centre

McWane Science Center in Birmingham, Alabama will be including the exhibit as part of their Science of an Oil Spill exhibition opening October 2, 2010.  We hope to have pictures very soon.

Also, the application was mentioned today in Art | Participation an Italian language blog and community site that focuses on interactivity and multimedia, Ideum e la mostra digitale della catastrofe del Golfo.

If you are a museum, aquarium, or science center and you would like to use this free multitouch software, please email us for details.

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