New video of the MT-50 Multitouch Table

We’ve just posted a new video of our MT-50 multitouch table on YouTube.  The previous one had gotten a bit dated as we’ve continued to improve and upgrade the table since its initial release last July.

The new video highlights performance gains (60+ points!), durability (yes, we dropped a bowling ball on the table surface), and the ease of development on the MT-50 platform (important for designers, developers, researchers, and museums who want to create their own custom multitouch applications). Each table includes our own GestureWorks framework for Adobe Flash and Flex, plus our customizable Collection Viewer and a configurable Google Maps and Flickr application.  In addition, the MT-50 multitouch table supports authoring in any language that supports the TUIO protocol.  You can check out the MT-50 Specifications for full details.

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