GestureWorks 1.5 Released! Multitouch for Flash and Flex

multitouch authoring for flash and flexWe’ve just released a new version of our GestureWorks multitouch authoring framework. The new version 1.5 provides support for Adobe Flex as well as Flash CS5, which Adobe plans to release later this year. The CS5 support means GestureWorks now works natively with Flash Player 10.1(beta), in addition to the included FLOSC and Windows 7 bridges.

Our company originally developed GestureWorks to help speed the development of our own multitouch projects and installations. We provide GestureWorks as a powerful tool for efficient multitouch development in Flash (and now Flex!) because we assume that most people would rather spend time developing awesome multitouch applications than spend days figuring out algorithms for specific gestures.

And GestureWorks provides a bevy of functions that Flash’s native API does not:

  • multitouch support for Adobe Flex
  • an open source gesture library with many built-in gestures
  • concurrent gesturing (e.g. multiple simultaneous gestures may be performed on the same object)
  • continuous transitional gesturing (e.g. can smoothly switch from one gesture to another mid-gesture)
  • a method for tracking the change in position of the points
  • a mechanism to determine point clustering, orientation, point/cluster history, and whether a cluster of points should be treated as a hand rather than discrete points
  • selection algorithms for gesture determination
  • application settings that allow developers to specify how the SDK receives touch event data, without having to change the project’s existing code base
  • elegant degradation from multitouch to dual-touch to non-multitouch-enabled systems

If you’d like to see what can be done with GestureWorks, take a look at the Google Map and Flickr Mashup we recently developed with California Science Center.

If you buy GestureWorks, you’ll receive both the Flash and the Flex version. Past customers can download the new version for free. In addition to Flex and CS5 support, we now have more affordable pricing for individual commercial and educational licenses. You can download a free trial or purchase a copy on our online store.

You can visit the GestureWorks site to learn more about this new release.

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