A Toughness Test of the MT-50 Multitouch Table

So how tough is the MT-50 multitouch table?  Just last week, we tried to find out. We conducted a few tests to see how the glass surface of the table in particular would hold up to some serious abuse.  First, we dropped a 12-pound bowling ball onto the table from a height of 2 feet, then we hit the table hard with a 4-pound hammer. Not only did the tempered glass surface survive, it showed no marks from these impacts.

As you can see, we had a lot of fun with this, but durability is a serious concern for tables that are deployed in public spaces. The MT-50 is not only the fastest table out there (with 60 points of simultaneous input), but now we can also safely say it is the toughest. Don’t try to drop a bowling ball on a Microsoft Surface!

This video is the second in a series exploring the MT-50 multitouch table.  You might want to check out A Look Inside the New and Improved MT-50 Multitouch Table too.

Update: March 5, 2010 – The story about the improved MT-50 has gotten around this week with stories in Engadget, Slashgear, Electronista, and dozens of other blogs.

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