A Look Inside the New and Improved MT-50 Multitouch Table

When we have visitors to our studio, we always like to show off the inside our MT-50 multitouch table. We’re very proud of the care and workmanship that goes into each custom-built table and we pride ourselves on using the best quality components we can find. We’ve decided to extend our inside tour to the web. Below, is our one-minute video tour of the MT-50.

The MT-50 multitouch table continues to evolve and improve. In a recent test, we broke 60 points of simultaneous input, making it a true multiuser platform (six sets of hands!). Our powerful computer, screen resolution and size, and number of touch points all top Microsoft Surface. (Compare our specs to theirs and see for yourself.) Plus, you can develop multitouch software using Adobe Flash with our GestureWorks framework without Silverlight.

And don’t forget to check out our other videos and subscribe to multitouch exhibits on YouTube.

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