GestureWorks Illustrations Show Up in Adobe Presentation, Unattributed

Update May 14, 2010: Adobe has recently corrected this problem and is now properly attributing our icons.

Last month, we blogged about the GestureWorks Open Source Gesture Library and released a series of illustrations showing all of our supported multitouch gestures. We released these illustrations using a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license. We are happy to make these illustrations available to the community. We simply ask that when they are used, we are attributed.

Today, at the FITC 2010 conference in Amsterdam, several of our illustrations popped up, apparently unattributed, in a presentation by Adobe about multitouch. To be fair, we only saw the presentation online, so perhaps we were attributed “verbally” during the conference?

We are quite flattered that Adobe has adopted our multitouch gesture illustrations. Perhaps in a couple of years, as their support for gestures improves, they’ll be able to use the complete set ;-).

While we were looking at the presentation online, another slide caught our interest.

Maybe this slide illustrates Adobe’s commitment to multitouch?

To see the entire Adobe presentation, visit the Flash blog. And don’t forget to check out our True Multitouch in Flash video to see how GestureWorks compares to Adobe’s built-in support for multitouch.

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