GestureWorks – Multitouch Framework for Flash

gAfter months of development, we have set the release date for our multitouch framework and development environment for Adobe Flash. A free public alpha version will be available on July 15th. You can learn more about GestureWorks at

We built GestureWorks to speed the development of our own multitouch and multiuser exhibits, but soon realized it this would be of value to others Flash developers. 

GestureWorks provides a single solution for the HP TouchSmart and Dell Studio One multitouch enabled computers. We include optimized drivers for the NextWindow (multitouch overlay) that comes with each of these systems. The framework  greatly speeds development in Flash. It is also extremely efficient: multitouch enabled applications created with GestureWorks run faster, using significantly less CPU than those using other authoring approaches. GestureWorks will be available for Mac OS X and Windows and will work with Adobe Flash CS3 and CS4.

Additionally, GestureWorks will ship free with our multitouch table, and it works in conjunction with NUI’s Snowflake software. You can see a full list of features and performance information on the GestureWorks site.


To be notified of the free public Alpha, you can join the mailing list on the GestureWorks site. You can also follow GestureWorks on Twitter.

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