Multitouch Table is Released

After months of prototyping, we’ve finally released our multitouch table. It has been quite a process as we’ve gone through several iterations to develop a version of the touch table that is exhibit ready. The final table has a high-resolution display (higher than Microsoft Surface) and it is built rugged, so it can handle just about any environment, including hands on science centers. In fact, we tested the table at the Don Harrington Discovery Center in Amarillo, Texas.  Here’s a picture of the table in the Ideum studio. (You can see all of the specifications, a press release, and short video on the MT Table page.)


For our first multi-touch application we are creating a mashup using Yahoo! Maps and Flickr. This mashup is being developed with the Don Harrington Discovery Center and Vulcan Park and Museum (located in Birmingham, Alabama).  They’ve been great partners as we’ve worked through the conceptual and design challenges that a multitouch, multiuser application presents. You can learn more about this multitouch mashup project on our portfolio. We’ll be installing the tables in March.

We’ll be showing the table and the mashup application in April at Museums and the Web 2009 in Indianapolis.  We will have an exhibit booth and we will be holding a full-day workshop called, “Make It Multitouch.” We hope to see you there.

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