Make It Multi-Touch: Workshop at Museums and the Web Conference

Paul Lacey and I will be conducting a full-day workshop on multi-touch and multi-user exhibits at this year’s Museums and the Web Conference. We’ll be bringing along our multi-touch table as well as some gesture enabled desktop computers.  This should be an interesting day of activities and discussions. Here’s the introduction to the description of the workshop…

“Multi-touch and multi-user exhibits have the potential to fundamentally change the ways in which visitors interact with computer-based exhibits in museums. Through the use of intuitive gestures, visitors are saved from the need to learn graphic tools or figure out how to activate responses. These exhibits allow designers to move away from traditional graphical user interfaces and toward a set of more natural and intuitive controls.”

See the full description of Make It Multitouch on the Museums and the Web Conference page.

Update February 4, 2009: We’ve released our multitouch table you can check out a video and get the full specifications.

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