RSS Mixer featured in Mashable

Mashable! (the #13 ranked blog in the world, according to Technorati) has just written a very positive article about RSS Mixer. Our launch last week competed with Google’s Chrome release, so it has taken a while for the story to get out there. (The lesson here is never release anything when Google has got something new to share.)

In the article, the writer, Doriano “Paisano” Carta, goes through many of RSS Mixer’s features including; widget output, OPML support, and the Firefox Add-on. After all the work, Ideum has put into the site over the last year, it was nice to see positive comments like this one…

“It is extremely easy to mix and mashup many RSS Feeds in no time at all. The interface is well-designed and helps make the process very simple.”

There’s more at Mashable! see RSSMixer Makes Mashups Easier,

Update: You can listen to the story at Pimp My News!

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