RSS Mixer Alpha now live!

The RSS Mixer site is now available! The new alpha release has a ton of new features, a new database structure, and it is running on our own custom-built, dedicated servers. Here’s a brief description of the site from our press release

RSS Mixer ( is a free service that allows visitors to efficiently mix multiple Web feeds into one. The mixed feed is then viewable as a new RSS feed, Web page, and mobile (iphone) formatted page. All mixes and feeds in RSS Mixer are also available in 5 widget formats: Apple Dashboard Widget, Yahoo! Desktop Widget, Google Gadget, Vista Desktop Widget, and as an embeddable Web widget. There’s even a Media Player Web widget that plays mixed audio and video podcasts.

We have built RSS Mixer to (hopefully) handle whatever comes our way.  For example, I just posted a mix containing over 400 podcast feeds from an OPML file.  All the feeds were added and mixed in a just a couple of minutes. While site is still alpha and we’ll likely have to work out some issues, we’re happy to finally have it publicly available. Thanks to everyone who helped test the private preview releases earlier this year. We’ll post more updates as the site continues to develop.

Update: We suspended the RSS Mixer service in late 2008.

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