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mashable.pngIn the ten days since we released the RSS Mixer prototype, we’ve learned an awful lot. Of course, that’s the point of prototyping anything. However, the scale of the response (which was somewhat unexpected) has resulted in some hard, yet valuable lessons. In just the last four days we’ve had thousands of visitors and have served up over 10,000 pages. So far, visitors have created 600 RSS mixes which include nearly 1,300 feeds. All of this traffic resulted in some performance issues yesterday, and we still need to do some more tweaking.

Most of the traffic coming to the site is from small blogs, social networking sites, and directories, although a few larger blogs have taken notice, too. Most notably, Mashable, the social networking news site (and the “worlds #1 social networking blog,” and the #11 blog in the world according to Technorati) compared us to Twitter: “RSS Mixer could be Twitter with out the Social Network.” We also received nice mentions in DownloadSquad (“With RSS Mixer all feeds lead to one“), Somewhat Frank (“RSS Mixer Makes Blending Feeds Easy“), and Apple Reporter (“RSS-Mix-A-Lot“) among others.

chocolate2.pngThere’s been a great deal of interest from overseas. Since RSS Mixer provides multilingual support, we’ve seen mixes from Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. There have been stories about RSS Mixer in Chocolate (Japan), Quanda.Info (China?), Veadar (Japan), WappBlog (Japan), DosBit (?), Genebeta (Spain?), Estrafalarius (?), and many others. All of these blogs, along with two Dashboard Widgets on Apple’s site, have been driving most of the traffic to the RSS Mixer. (Take a look at the Tour de France News and All iPhone News widgets, automatically created by RSS Mixer.) Right now, the site is so new that less 4% of our traffic comes from search engines. But with hundreds of new pages generated each day, that figure will surely grow. We’ll post again as new developments unfold. Stay tuned… we’ll be adding a few new features in next week or so.

Update: July 30, 2007: Digital Streets has post which explains how to use RSS Mixer to create a unified theme for your Twitter, Jaiku, and Pownce accounts, “Use RSS Mixer to Create a Unified Feed from Your Microblogs.” Also, take a look at “ – Mix All Your Feeds” at Killer Startups.

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