More Photos of the Zuni Dancers at Chaco Canyon

Here are more photographs of the Cellicion Traditional Zuni Dancers celebrating the Summer Solstice at Chaco Canyon National Historical Park. To witness the dances at Chaco was an amazing experience. As Fernando Cellicion, Director of the dance group, noted, “it is hard to describe the feeling that we have dancing at the same place where the same thing was happening thousands of years ago.”

Raydean Johnson (foreground) peforms the Turkey Dance. Also pictured: Belyle Johnson and Alexandra Nastacio.

Raydean Johnson and Xyla Johnson perform the Turkey Dance.

Dancers Xyla Johnson, Tanicia Nastacio, and Alexandra Nastacio perform the Pottery Dance.

Aldean Nastacio performs the Buffalo Dance.

Musicians Florentine Johnson (left) and Fernando Cellicion perform their original song, Redrocks.

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