New and improved Museum Blogs directory

We finally carved out the time to make some very necessary changes to the Museum Blogs directory and aggregator. The site is a customized WordPress application with quite a bit of additional coding to make it all work. We’ve added pagination, integrated a Google Co-op search, and we have greatly improved the “auto aggregator.” The site now can handle RSS 1.0 and 2.0, along with Atom syndication. This major improvement in syndication has increased the number of posts in the site, there are now nearly 10,000. That means there are nearly 10,000 links to other museum blogs! We hope that this helps improve the authority of the all of the 118 blogs in the site. Afterall, that’s why we built the directory last May.

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Our most ambitious technical project of 2016 was the DinoStomp 3D interactive video wall that we developed with the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.  The DinoStomp exhibit consists of a video wall 8’ high and…