Museum Blog Survey for Museums and Web Conference 2007

survey.jpgWe are conducting the first comprehensive survey looking at museum blogs and blogging practices. If you write for, or operate a museum or museum-related blog, please fill out the survey on the Museum Blogs website.

Seb Chan (Powerhouse Museum) and Myself (Ideum) are the conducting the survey. The results will be presented in a session, Radical Trust: The state of the museum blogosphere at the Museums and Web Conference in San Francisco in April 2007. We will also link to our paper from both the Ideum blog and the Powerhouse’s fresh + new blog.

The purpose of the survey is to capture a snapshot of the technologies, aims, policies, uses, and impact of blogging in the museum sector. 2006 has been an amazing year for the field, what were 20 blogs back in January is now a community of nearly 100 museum-related blogs. The results from the survey will help organizations plan and justify future projects utilizing blogs and other social technologies. Please feel free to repost or otherwise pass this on.

Update (12-19-06): There’s a a discussion forming over on the fresh + new blog where this story is cross-posted.

Update (12-21-06): We have 31 responses to the survey and there is a running total of the multiple choice questions. If you run a museum blog and haven’t filled out the survey please do.

Update (01-31-06) We are not longer accepting survey responses.

Update (04-09-07) There’s more on the paper and the presentation for Museums and the Web here.

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